When you have a child who struggles with speaking, you unconsciously hang on to every word as though each was as magical as the first. Regularly I catch myself counting syllables — how many words did she just string together???? was that appropriate grammar I just heard???? —- marvelling at how far we’ve come from those early days of waiting {in anguish} for first sounds, first repeats, first “please” and “thank you” and “mommy” and “daddy.”

Just yesterday, Kezia’s speech support person at school commented on how far she’s come, even in a few months. Concentration, cooperation and capability continue to bloom, though it still goes at her own pace :).

I have often thought of the 80’s song, “You can’t hurry love, oh no, you’ve just got to wait…. Love don’t come easy … it’s a game of give and take….” Love is one thing. You can’t hurry development either!!

So I just laughed when Kezia came up to me, a certain twinkle in her eye, hiding something behind her back, and said, “I make magic….”

Yes, baby girl, you do.

DSC_0082 On those days when I’m so tired, things are not going the way I think they should….


When I’ve taken the good for granted and complained about the rest…..


I look at their faces, their unique bonds, and think …. yes.