I’ve wondered if I should call this post….

Google. Friend or Foe. Or. To Google or Not Too Google, that is the question.


Never before has there been so much information at our disposal; so much research we can access in the comfort of our own homes, at our own pace, seeking resolutions and insights into our problems.

And never before have we been so exposed to the endless realm of possibilities!! YIKES! How many of us haven’t typed “scary looking spot with blue and purple spots” as a symptom into the mighty google search engine, clicked on “images” and VOILA! Nightmare material for a whole week! If you value your sanity – beware of googling alarming images without someone standing with you to be the Much Needed Voice Of Reason.

However, there are some very, very helpful sites that {seem to be} quite reliable. A few of my medical favourites are:


Mayo Clinic

AboutKidsHealth (Canadian)

Researching our symptoms and problems can provide direction or hope that not even the doctors can offer. Just being wise in which sites to trust is most …. helpful :).

That being said … there was the time when I was fascinated with researching Neurodevelopment Therapy :). Rather than go to school to earn a degree in it :), I chose to read some easy-to-understand, quite thorough, and absolutely fascinating material a doctor had posted on his website. It all sounds legit … my only concern was that when I typed the clinic address into google maps, I don’t recall finding a location :)….

What are your go-to Google resources :)? How do you filter out the need-to-know details from the wide range of worst-case scenarios :)?