These were wise words from a wise pastor many years ago.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Things to do, people to see, gifts to buy, things to make & bake. Add parenting, finishing off one more round of swimming lessons, christmas programs, doctor appointments, christmas pictures that just aren’t uploading properly and take way more time and energy then they should (don’t even get me started about tackling this all at 12:30am when things are already a little blurry). And life feels a little … full. Phew.

Right about now is when I start to hyperventilate, just a little, and wonder how it will all fit. A birthday to plan. Christmas events to prepare for. Those last gifts I want to make, and hope turn out just right (because there really is no space for a re-do!!!).

How does one refocus? To practice being present and not getting swept up in it all?


These words came to mind…. “Do the next needful thing…

That might be sitting by the tree and enjoying the mini-lights. Or taking a slow walk around the block to enjoy the warmer-than-average temperatures. Or visiting with a friend, cup of tea or coffee in hand. Or — walking a little slower when you are shopping for those last few gifts (or the first few, if – like me – you tend to procrastinate a bit…). It might be taking the time to plan well for the upcoming weeks or tackle that chore around the house (ahem, like ironing :P) that really just needs to get done.


What is the next needful thing? I’m not always sure, exactly. And sometimes I spin in circles a bit trying to figure it out.  However, I know that the most needful thing is to remember what it’s all about anyway…. the old old story about a baby in a manger …. whose Presence was our present …. who offers the gift of hope and life and light to all.