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This is just so beautiful, I couldn’t help but share.

After reading her book Bloom, I started following Kelle Hampton’s blog. She posted this video based on an awareness campaign that she is involved with. Grab a few tissues :).


One of my favourite quotes from the video:

When Matt was born, we had no idea what to expect as he became an adult. We are amazed that he is who is is today. Having the opportunities that he’s had…. it’s just so different than what we thought it was going to be like. So much more. So, as a young mom with a new baby, just have those expectations that he’s going to have a good life. And give them all the opportunities that he can have. ~ Sheila Moore

It’s one thing to have a younger child with special needs. There are so many opportunities and supports available. It’s not perfect yet ;), but there is so much more awareness …. and compassion … I think. However, as your youngster with disabilities grows and that gap grows too, there are new challenges to face, new heartaches to contend with and new victories to celebrate.

This video touches on an American program available to adults who have special needs. However, it is important to note that such supportive services are beginning in Canada too. Close by, the Red River College Campus (Winnipeg, MB) offers educational assistance to individuals with learning disabilities. Once an individual has been accepted into a program (they do need to meet the entrance criteria for those programs), learning support, accommodation considerations and other assistance is available through their disabilities support network.